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Retain Youthful Skin with Ultrasonic-Beauty Massager

Since ancient times, people are looking for ways to retain everlasting youthful skin. Ancient Egyptians who could afford it did not use soap when they bathed, but a formula known to create soft, clean, and well-hydrated skin using baking soda.

Our face, neck, and arms are the first zones that reflect signs of aging. Of course, the beauty industry is constantly coming up with new skin reviving procedures to maintain healthy, attractive, and younger-looking skin as long as possible.


But the question arises, are these procedures affordable to the majority? Obviously, the answer is “NO”.

So, purchasing a facial massager will be the best option.

There are different massagers available in the market. A good face massager will not only tone your skin muscles but also activate regenerative processes in your body, giving a natural glow and fresh look to your skin.

Which Massager to Choose?

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The preferable option would be to purchase an ionic/ultrasonic massager. It can not only improve blood circulation and give elasticity to your skin but also minimize scars and wrinkles.

When you use an ionic massager for your legs and buttocks, it can decrease cellulite (As fat cells increase, they push up against the skin). As for a photon therapy, it will deliver a total relaxation, skin regeneration and revitalization.

What is an Ultrasonic massager?

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The Ionic Face Massager works to increase skin elasticity while firming and tightening at the same time. The perfect tool to add to any daily beauty routine.

The charge of positive and negative ions accelerates the metabolism of the skin and gives it a natural glow.


How does Ultrasonic Massager work?


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The massaging head runs at a frequency of 3 MHz which is enough to stimulate blood circulation and ‘activate’ the cells, making the skin of your face smooth, taut, and firm. There are 2 available LED light modes and each of them has its own effect on your skin.

Why use Ionic Massager?

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The skin regeneration process becomes slower as people get older. For instance, newborns have their skin renewed every 72 hours while people aged 18–35 have their skin regenerated once a month.

Massaging your T-zone, cheeks, and very delicate zones around your eyes will be beneficial to your skin in so many ways . This massager can also deliver the perfect kneading to your neck, arms, legs, belly, and buttocks.

How to Use Ionic Massager?


  • Push the power switch to LED light in “+”, the device starts vibrating, hold back side of the sensor together on the face area which you want to clean and remove metal ion in cosmetic from the skin, the harmful substances penetrate into skin through horniness deposit as a positive ion in the skin and cause spots rough and aging skin.
  • After 3 minutes, clean your face again with water.


  • Push the power switch to Led light in “_”, the device starts vibrating, hold together of the backside sensor using desired skincare product gels, essence or skincare cream, and deep into skin cells to have absorption. Use together with your face ampoules or any skincare product.
  • Gently massage around the desired area, do not stop in the same area for more than 60 seconds.
  1.   Treatment time is 10 -20 minutes, two times per day.





So, give yourself a fresh and younger look by using this E-Beauty Massager.

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