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Anti Radiation, Anti blue Light Computer Glasses

1.REDUCES DIGITAL EYE STRAIN. Eye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches are symptoms of spending too much time in front of

Face V-Shaper/Facial Slimming Belt

Get rid of your double chin and slim down your face with the Slimming Strap. By using the Slimming Strap for 40 minutes 3-4 times

Heating and Vibrating Massage Mattress

10,500.00 9,000.00
Multifunctional black dual speed 9 motor multi-part heating vibration massage mattress

Revoflex Extreme/ Abdominal and Waist fitness


Abdominal muscle wheel roller gym fitness equipment exercise

Simple Waist wriggling Plate or Disc/ without magnets

1,150.00 950.00
Twist Waist Twister Disc Board Wriggling Plate, Non-Slip Body Shaping Twisting Waist Twister Plate Exercise Machine Rotating Balance Board for